A Series Lasers

The A Series Laser are built for heavy vibration resistance and have an integrated AC power supply for applications where 100-240vAC is available on the machine.


Power Levels
  • PT# L-05-A / 5mW – up to a 6’ (2m) line
  • PT# L-10-A / 10mW – up to 12’ (4m) line
  • PT# L-15-A / 15mW – up to 15’ (5m) line (RED ONLY)
  • PT# L-20-A / 20mW – up to 20’ (6m) line (RED ONLY)
  • PT# L-30-A / 30mW – up to 24’ (8m) line
  • PT# L-50-A / 50mW – over 24’ (8m) line (GREEN ONLY)

*Lengths shown with typical shop lighting levels. High ambient light conditions may require a brighter unit.

VoltagesAC 100-240V
WavelengthRED 635nm
GREEN 520nm
Warranty2 Year (limited)

Diameter 1.25” (31.75mm)

Length 3” (76mm)

*plus strain relief of the cordset

Power cord length9’-10” SVT 18awg cord with standard Nema 5-15P plug
* This unit will work with any of our laser mounting brackets.



SA-111 ¾” shaft bracket

This unit is often used in conjunction with the SA-111 ¾” shaft bracket


SA-008 Stationary Bracket

This unit is often used in conjunction with the SA-008 Stationary Bracket