U.S. Made Laser Lines — Up To 10 Years Before Service

1. Use laser lines that last. Lasers manufactured in 2003-2012 are now coming in for servicing for the first time ever. Quite longer than the 20,000 Hour Rating they were given.

2. Designed specifically for heavy industrial applications these lasers can take a hit. We manufacture each laser in house giving you US Grade Quality.

3. Redeem your time and keep re-adjustments to a minimum. Our mounts use a split clamp style to keep your laser line aimed true. One customer after switching to our brackets claimed they could kick our mounts and they wouldn’t budge.

4. The brackets are solid aluminum/steel as well. This provides an excellent heat sink for the aluminum chassis of the laser body. Extending it’s life as well as broadening its potential applications.

5. Feel secure with our industry leading 24 Month Warranty included with all laser purchases regardless of model.

Lumberline Laser has given us many years of excellent lasers, warranty support, and service. It is nice to have a company that always has the parts we need and exceptional service during and after the sale. They make quality lasers and they stand behind them, offering one of the best warranties on the market. I recommend them to anyone needing a great quality laser.” — Melissa Black, Wilson Industrial Electric

6. Plus our lasers are Serviceable. The process is fast and hassle free. Simply ship to our address. Upon arrival we will contact you with a quote. Once you give the green light we get it out the door within 24 Hours.

7. Rebuilt lasers are returned to like new condition. To back this up this service includes a 24 Month Warranty.

Of all the vendors I deal with around this great country of ours, LumberLine Laser ranks at the top of my list for their excellent Customer Service, competitive rebuild programs, great warranty periods and quick turnaround times. I highly recommend this vendor!” — Dwight Rodrigues, Frank Miller Lumber Company

8. With variables like line length, lighting environment, and various power methods, we have a total of 30 Configurations to handle what ever you throw at us.

I am always impressed that when I call Lumberline Laser with a question I get the answer to my question in one phone call. There is never any reason to check something and call back, or leave a message and wait. This sounds incredibly simple, but it is just less common than it ought to be.” — Corey Sheets, Meadows Mills

9. Our lasers have been serving US businesses Since 1985 seeing use in every state across the country.

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