The R Series Laser is our mainline unit and features a cord mounted AC power supply that will plug directly into a standard wall outlet.

For low voltage applications, the LV Series Lasers accept a wide range of input voltages in DC and AC. This is ideal for portable machines, or control voltage installations.

The A Series Lasers are ideal for machines with AC line voltage available directly on the machine or in extreme vibration installations. These units are self contained, with the AC power supply being mounted inside the laser body and a built in heavy power cord.

All three configurations are designed to operate seamlessly with our mounting hardware and are covered by an industry leading 24 month warranty. If you have questions about which unit is right for your application, give us a call and we’ll help you find the right unit for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

R Series Lasers

R Series Lasers use a 100-240VAC power supply built into the plug

LV Series Lasers

LV Series Lasers have a robust internal voltage converter for hardwired applications requiring low voltage AC or DC and control level installations

A Series Lasers

The A Series Laser are built for heavy vibration resistance and have an integrated AC power supply for applications where 100-240vAC is available on the machine.

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