R Series Lasers

Power Supply Built into the Plug

R-Series Laser
* This unit will work with all of our mounting brackets and hardware.



Power Levels

  • PT# L-05-R / 5mW – up to a 6’ (2m) line
  • PT# L-10-R / 10mW – up to 12’ (4m) line
  • PT# L-15-R / 15mW – up to 15’ (5m) line (RED ONLY)
  • PT# L-20-R / 20mW – up to 20’ (6m) line (RED ONLY)
  • PT# L-30-R / 30mW – up to 24’ (8m) line
  • PT# L-50-R / 50mW – over 24’ (8m) line (GREEN ONLY)

*Lengths shown with typical shop lighting levels. High ambient light conditions may require a brighter unit.

Standard PSU PT# SA-115
9’-10” cord
Input: 100-240VAC
Output: 5VDC 2A
Voltages 3-9VDC
*Supplied by the SA-115 PSU below
Amps >150MA
Wavelength RED 635nm
GREEN 520nm
Warranty 2 Years (limited)
Dimensions Diameter 1.25” (31.75mm)
Length 2.75” (69.85mm) *plus strain relief of the cordset
Documents  BROCHURE

The R series laser is our most popular unit, powered by a remote style AC PSU (PT#SA-115) to supply the necessary 5VDC to the unit. As always, the unit fits all of our mounting hardware and movable systems.

Please ask us about any questions you might have regarding this unit.


Board Edgers

Chop Saw

Part Alignment Fixtures

Industrial Automation

Below you will find a few items that are commonly purchased with our lasers.



SA-008 Stationary Bracket

This unit is often used in conjunction with the SA-008 Stationary Bracket


Power Cable

Power cord length available in two sizes:
2m (Part# CBL-2M) or 5m (CBL-5M)


SA-111 ¾” shaft bracket

This unit is often used in conjunction with the SA-111 ¾” shaft bracket

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