LV Series Lasers

Low Voltage Input

M12 Connection


Industry Standard M12 Connector

* This unit will work with any of our our brackets and hardware


Power Levels

RED LASERS                      GREEN LASERS

PT# L-05-LV / 5mW            PT# L-05-LV-GRN / 5mW

PT# L-10-LV / 10mW           PT# L-10-LV-GRN / 10mW

PT# L-15-LV / 15mW            PT# L-30-LV-GRN / 30mW

PT# L-30-LV / 30mW          PT# L-50-LV-GRN / 50mW

Voltages AC 9-24V
DC 4.5-36V
Amps >150MA
Wavelength RED 635nm
GREEN 520nm
Warranty 2 Year (limited)
Dimensions Diameter 1.25” (31.75mm)
Length 3” (76mm)
Power cord length 2m (Part# CBL-2M) or 5m (CBL-5M)
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LV Series lasers are specifically designed for low voltage applications that provide their own power supply. This unit features a wide spread switching power converter for applications that will accept both AC as well as DC power. As designed, it has inherent reverse polarity, surge protection, and features the industry standard M12 power cable connector. Great for control level industrial applications that require a hardwired connection.


Portable Sawmills

Bridge Saw

Industrial Automation

Control Level Power Installations


Below you will find a few items that are commonly purchased with our lasers.

Power Cable

Power cord length available in two sizes:
2m (Part# CBL-2M) or 5m (CBL-5M)


SA-008 Stationary Bracket

This unit is often used in conjunction with the SA-008 Stationary Bracket


SA-110 20mm shaft bracket

This unit is often used in conjunction with the SA-110 20mm shaft bracket


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